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中文版     ENGLISH

         Chongqing Yongfa Industries Ltd is a Sino-Australia Joint Venture, located in Chongqing, the heartland of cars and automotive parts manufacturing in China. We are a manufacturer of precise electric driving motor, die casting aluminum alloy, gravity casting aluminum alloy and forging aluminium alloy, which used by motorbikes and off-road vehicles. More than 90% of our products have been exporting as OEM products to another countries, including Russia, USA, Canada and Germany etc.

         Our company has parts production lines consisted by CNC machines, as well as assembly lines for gearboxes, CVTs and engines.  We also have comprehensive test equipment to ensure the quality of our products, including Coordinated Measuring Machine, pneumatic gauges, leakage text equipment, dynamic balance text machines etc. We are also an ISO/TS16949 certificated company . Our R&D team has ability to design, manufacture, and test new parts to meet customers needs.  We have more than 40 national patents, including innovation patents.  Our company has been awarded as “National High Tech Enterprise&rdquo

         Our company focuses on providing most competitive products and services to our customers worldwide.

Web: www.sxtynzy.com
TEL: +86 23 42412689
Fax: +86 23 42412686
email: feng.jiang@yfind.cn
Add: 245 Yinxiang Road, Tuchang